2009 Voyage

In August 2009 I will be setting off on a voyage around the Fal/Helford Special Area of Conservation on a purpose built currach.
The objectives:
  • Carbon Neutral Adventure - my workshop is within 5 minutes of the Helford River, and all the materials for the boat are sourced locally or re-cycled from other projects
  • Identify issues of coastal conflict as the basis for a series of lectures on marine conservation management
  • Obtain data for a GIS mapping exercise
  • Beach clean - "fishing for litter"
  • Species identification
  • Wild Food Cropping

The Boat

Coastal Conflicts

Fal/Helford SAC

Log Book

Wild Food Cropping


All the information from the www on currachs

Helford Voluntary Marine Conservation Area

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Build images from Ireland